Monday, July 21, 2014

General knowledge Question 22-07-2014

1.Which metal is heavier , silver or gold ?


2.How many legs do butterflies have ?


3.Which is the country with the most people ?


4.Which state is the biggest in the US ?


5.Which country has the largest area of land ?



Answer :

1.      Gold

2.      Six

3.      China

4.      Alaska

5.      Russia

Monday, July 14, 2014

sun outer temperature

What is the outer temperature of the sun?


A)      5000 degree Celsius


B)     6000 degree Celsius



C)     6500 degree Celsius


D)      None of the above


Ans:  b) 6000 degree celsius

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Railway booking Agents General Knowledge Bank PO Question

The Railways has announced the abolition of the railway booking agents system after the introduction of


A.     Reservation on Mobile

B.     Reservation on Internet

C.     Reservation through Credit Card

D.     Reservation on ATM Card

E.      None of these



Answer : A. Reservation on Mobile

Bank PO Exam General Awareness Question 1

Bank PO Exam General Awareness Question 1


Which of the following are the existing crop insurance schemes in India ?


A ) Rashtriya Utpad Bima Yojana


B ) Rashtriya Phasal Samriddhi Yojana


C ) National Insurance for Agriculture


D ) National Agricultural Insurance Scheme


1)      Only A, B and C

2)      Only C,D and E

3)      Only B,C and D

4)      Only D and E

5)      All the above



Answer : 4) Only D and  E