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General Knowledge Questions with Answers - 29-10-2014


  1. Gavaskar has taken just one wicket in Test cricket. Whose wicket was that?
  2. What is the highest fourth innings score in a cricket test?
  3. Who was the first Black player to lead West Indies in a full Test series?
  4. Which Test cricket bowler has taken Gavaskar's wicket the maximum number of times?
  5. Who was the first batsman to be dismissed for 99 in Test cricket?
  6. What is West Indies highest score in Test cricket?
  7. In astronomy, what is believed to be the core of infant galaxies?
  8. Which cricketer broke Greg Chappell's record of highest aggregate in a Test match?
  9. In 1990 what law did the British parliament  pass regarding Anglican priests?
  10. Which report on Job reservation to backward classes did V.P. Singh decide to implement when he was prime minister?


  1. Zaheer Abbas of Pakistan
  2. 654 for 5, England v/s South Africa, 1938-39
  3. F. Worrel against Australia in 1960-61
  4. D. Underwood of  England - 12 times
  5. C. Hill of Australia. In his next two innings also he was dismissed for 98 and 97
  6. 790 for 3 declared against Pakistan at Kingston in 1957-58
  7. Quasars
  8. Graham Gooch, 456 runs in the first Test against India at the Lord's in 1990
  9. Divorced men could became priests
  10. Mandal Commission Report
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