Friday, January 16, 2015

World cup women's volleyball Nagoya in Japan

Which team has won the World cup women's volleyball tournament for the fourth time in a row at Nagoya in Japan ?

1. Russia

2. Sweden

3. Cuba

4. US

5. France

Answer :  Cuba

Sunday, November 2, 2014

General Knowledge Question & Answer - 03-11-2014


  1. State the two worst disasters in Maharashtra state after the Koyna earthquake?
  2. For which pop song did Tracy Chapman win three Grammy's in 1989?
  3. Who first referred to the English as a nation of shopkeepers?
  4. In Which film did Shabana Azmi co - star with Shirley Mclaine ?
  5. Apart from the massacre of students agitating for democracy what is the significance of the Tiananmen Square in Beijing city?
  6. What record is held by Malayalam film actor Prem Nazir?
  7. What is America's highest civilian award?
  8. Which Indian won the $ 1.2 million Jacob K. Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award for his research on neurological disorders, in 1989?
  9. Against which country did Sachin Tendulkar make his cricketing debut for India, aged 16?
  10. Name the pilot and co - pilot of the first all - women flight crew of the Indian Airlines?


  1. The Sept 30, 1993 Latur earthquake in Which 30,000 are believed to have died. Then comes the floods of 1989 that left 895 dead and damaged property worth 150 crores
  2. Fast Cars.
  3. Napoleon  Bonaparte
  4. Schesinger's Madame Sousatka
  5. It is the largest city square in the world
  6. He has acted as the hero in more films than anyone else in the world.
  7. Medal of freedom
  8. Subhash Chandra Basu..
  9. Pakistan
  10. Saudamini Deshmukh and Nivedita Bhasin.
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Which country is not an Africa ? general knowledge question

Which country is not an Africa ?


A ) Zanzibar


B ) Ghana


C ) Trinidad


D ) Sudan


Please tell the answer in comment


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Answer :  C ) Trinidad  

Friday, October 31, 2014

General Knowledge Question & Answers - 31-10-2014


  1. In Which Woody Allen comedy did super star Sylvester Stallone appear uncredited as a subway hoodlum?
  2. Which speed barrier was broken by a French train recently?
  3. Who was the second cricketer to mark his 100th Test milestone with a century, in 1989?
  4. Name the first cricketer to score 1000 Test runs in his first year in Test cricket?
  5. Which Middle East country was admitted to the UN for the first time in 1989?
  6. What is the tailless macaque more commonly known as?
  7. Which is Leftist and political activist was beaten to death on Jan 1, 1939 in Delhi, while performing a street play Hulla Bol (Cry in protest)?
  8. Name the square which witnessed the massacre of Chinese students agitating for democracy in 1989?
  9. An expatriate Indian gay club in San Francisco is called Trikone. What's the etymology of this word?
  10. Who became the president of Iran after the demise of Ayatollah Khomeini?


  1. Bananas 
  2. The 500 kmph barrier.
  3. Javed Miandad 
  4. Mark Taylor of Australia in 1989
  5. Palestine
  6. Barbary ape (also called magot)
  7. Safdar Hashmi.
  8. Tiananmen Square
  9. In Nazi concentration camps, gays and lesbians were segregated and branded with pink inverse triangles. Trikone is the Indian word for Triangle.
  10. A.A.H.Rafasanjani.
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

General Knowledge Question with Answer - 30-10-2014


  1. Name the World's longest serving prime minister of a nation?
  2. Name the Jazzman  and master of the rollicking piano style known as stride?
  3. Who is the youngest lawn tennis player to win the US open?
  4. For which of his films did hollywood director Milos Forman win an Oscar?
  5. What does the term film noire mean?
  6. What was Laurel and Hardy's last film together?
  7. In 1969 Barbara Streisand was awarded the Oscar for her first film funny girl in a tie - win with which other actress?
  8. Who became the first Black elected Governor  of an American state in 1989?
  9. Who was the first Black to be appointed Ambassador of the USA?
  10. Who was the highest ranking Black officer in the history of the US military?


  1. Lee Kuan yew. He was  PM of Singapore for 31 years until he stopped down in 1990
  2. Joe Turner
  3. Pete Sampras of the US -19 years
  4. One flew over the cuckoo's Nest
  5. This French Phrase is used to describe films which are sombre in mood, often portraying underworld corruption and crime are frequently through not invariably set in shadowy city streets and are peopled by characters notable for their cynical and disillusioned outlook on life
  6. Atoll K (Also shown as Robinson Crusoeland and Utopia) . This film made in France in 1953, was a flop.
  7. Katherine Helpburn, who collected her Oscar for The lion in winter
  8. Douglas Wilder. Elected Governor of  Virgina a southern state with a Black minority.
  9. Andrew young. He was US ambassador to the UN
  10. General Collin Powell. He was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

General Knowledge Questions with Answers - 29-10-2014


  1. Gavaskar has taken just one wicket in Test cricket. Whose wicket was that?
  2. What is the highest fourth innings score in a cricket test?
  3. Who was the first Black player to lead West Indies in a full Test series?
  4. Which Test cricket bowler has taken Gavaskar's wicket the maximum number of times?
  5. Who was the first batsman to be dismissed for 99 in Test cricket?
  6. What is West Indies highest score in Test cricket?
  7. In astronomy, what is believed to be the core of infant galaxies?
  8. Which cricketer broke Greg Chappell's record of highest aggregate in a Test match?
  9. In 1990 what law did the British parliament  pass regarding Anglican priests?
  10. Which report on Job reservation to backward classes did V.P. Singh decide to implement when he was prime minister?


  1. Zaheer Abbas of Pakistan
  2. 654 for 5, England v/s South Africa, 1938-39
  3. F. Worrel against Australia in 1960-61
  4. D. Underwood of  England - 12 times
  5. C. Hill of Australia. In his next two innings also he was dismissed for 98 and 97
  6. 790 for 3 declared against Pakistan at Kingston in 1957-58
  7. Quasars
  8. Graham Gooch, 456 runs in the first Test against India at the Lord's in 1990
  9. Divorced men could became priests
  10. Mandal Commission Report
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Monday, October 27, 2014

General Knowledge Questions & Answers - 28-10-2014


  1. In 1990 whom did Time magazine elect as its man of the decade?
  2. Name the 80 - year old artiste who won the Oscar for Best Actress, also state the film for which she won it?
  3. Who was the first Indian to win a gold at the International Mathematics Olympiad?
  4. While compiling which American civil rights leader's papers did Prof. Carson find the doctorate thesis borrowed (plagiarsed)?
  5. To which Nobel Prize winning dissident and author of Gulag Archipelago was Soviet citizenship restored?
  6. Who set a cricket world record of four successive sixes in an over in a Test against England at Lord's in July 1990?
  7. Of which country is kiwi the national bird?
  8. What is the frog's long - jump record?
  9. What type of animal is called inquiline ?
  10. What is the Roman symbol for the number one hundred?


  1.  USSR'S Mikhail Gorbachev
  2. Jessica Tandy in Driving Miss Daisy.
  3. Rina Panigrahi of Mumbai
  4. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr
  5. Aleksandr Solzhenistyn
  6. Kapil Dev. by doing this he also equalled the world test record of scoring maximum runs in a six - ball over.
  7. New Zealand 
  8. 14 feet
  9. An animal that lives in the borrow, nest etc of animal of another species
  10. C

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