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General Knowledge Question & Answer - 03-11-2014


  1. State the two worst disasters in Maharashtra state after the Koyna earthquake?
  2. For which pop song did Tracy Chapman win three Grammy's in 1989?
  3. Who first referred to the English as a nation of shopkeepers?
  4. In Which film did Shabana Azmi co - star with Shirley Mclaine ?
  5. Apart from the massacre of students agitating for democracy what is the significance of the Tiananmen Square in Beijing city?
  6. What record is held by Malayalam film actor Prem Nazir?
  7. What is America's highest civilian award?
  8. Which Indian won the $ 1.2 million Jacob K. Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award for his research on neurological disorders, in 1989?
  9. Against which country did Sachin Tendulkar make his cricketing debut for India, aged 16?
  10. Name the pilot and co - pilot of the first all - women flight crew of the Indian Airlines?


  1. The Sept 30, 1993 Latur earthquake in Which 30,000 are believed to have died. Then comes the floods of 1989 that left 895 dead and damaged property worth 150 crores
  2. Fast Cars.
  3. Napoleon  Bonaparte
  4. Schesinger's Madame Sousatka
  5. It is the largest city square in the world
  6. He has acted as the hero in more films than anyone else in the world.
  7. Medal of freedom
  8. Subhash Chandra Basu..
  9. Pakistan
  10. Saudamini Deshmukh and Nivedita Bhasin.
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Which country is not an Africa ? general knowledge question

Which country is not an Africa ?


A ) Zanzibar


B ) Ghana


C ) Trinidad


D ) Sudan


Please tell the answer in comment


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Answer :  C ) Trinidad  

Friday, October 31, 2014

General Knowledge Question & Answers - 31-10-2014


  1. In Which Woody Allen comedy did super star Sylvester Stallone appear uncredited as a subway hoodlum?
  2. Which speed barrier was broken by a French train recently?
  3. Who was the second cricketer to mark his 100th Test milestone with a century, in 1989?
  4. Name the first cricketer to score 1000 Test runs in his first year in Test cricket?
  5. Which Middle East country was admitted to the UN for the first time in 1989?
  6. What is the tailless macaque more commonly known as?
  7. Which is Leftist and political activist was beaten to death on Jan 1, 1939 in Delhi, while performing a street play Hulla Bol (Cry in protest)?
  8. Name the square which witnessed the massacre of Chinese students agitating for democracy in 1989?
  9. An expatriate Indian gay club in San Francisco is called Trikone. What's the etymology of this word?
  10. Who became the president of Iran after the demise of Ayatollah Khomeini?


  1. Bananas 
  2. The 500 kmph barrier.
  3. Javed Miandad 
  4. Mark Taylor of Australia in 1989
  5. Palestine
  6. Barbary ape (also called magot)
  7. Safdar Hashmi.
  8. Tiananmen Square
  9. In Nazi concentration camps, gays and lesbians were segregated and branded with pink inverse triangles. Trikone is the Indian word for Triangle.
  10. A.A.H.Rafasanjani.
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

General Knowledge Question with Answer - 30-10-2014


  1. Name the World's longest serving prime minister of a nation?
  2. Name the Jazzman  and master of the rollicking piano style known as stride?
  3. Who is the youngest lawn tennis player to win the US open?
  4. For which of his films did hollywood director Milos Forman win an Oscar?
  5. What does the term film noire mean?
  6. What was Laurel and Hardy's last film together?
  7. In 1969 Barbara Streisand was awarded the Oscar for her first film funny girl in a tie - win with which other actress?
  8. Who became the first Black elected Governor  of an American state in 1989?
  9. Who was the first Black to be appointed Ambassador of the USA?
  10. Who was the highest ranking Black officer in the history of the US military?


  1. Lee Kuan yew. He was  PM of Singapore for 31 years until he stopped down in 1990
  2. Joe Turner
  3. Pete Sampras of the US -19 years
  4. One flew over the cuckoo's Nest
  5. This French Phrase is used to describe films which are sombre in mood, often portraying underworld corruption and crime are frequently through not invariably set in shadowy city streets and are peopled by characters notable for their cynical and disillusioned outlook on life
  6. Atoll K (Also shown as Robinson Crusoeland and Utopia) . This film made in France in 1953, was a flop.
  7. Katherine Helpburn, who collected her Oscar for The lion in winter
  8. Douglas Wilder. Elected Governor of  Virgina a southern state with a Black minority.
  9. Andrew young. He was US ambassador to the UN
  10. General Collin Powell. He was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

General Knowledge Questions with Answers - 29-10-2014


  1. Gavaskar has taken just one wicket in Test cricket. Whose wicket was that?
  2. What is the highest fourth innings score in a cricket test?
  3. Who was the first Black player to lead West Indies in a full Test series?
  4. Which Test cricket bowler has taken Gavaskar's wicket the maximum number of times?
  5. Who was the first batsman to be dismissed for 99 in Test cricket?
  6. What is West Indies highest score in Test cricket?
  7. In astronomy, what is believed to be the core of infant galaxies?
  8. Which cricketer broke Greg Chappell's record of highest aggregate in a Test match?
  9. In 1990 what law did the British parliament  pass regarding Anglican priests?
  10. Which report on Job reservation to backward classes did V.P. Singh decide to implement when he was prime minister?


  1. Zaheer Abbas of Pakistan
  2. 654 for 5, England v/s South Africa, 1938-39
  3. F. Worrel against Australia in 1960-61
  4. D. Underwood of  England - 12 times
  5. C. Hill of Australia. In his next two innings also he was dismissed for 98 and 97
  6. 790 for 3 declared against Pakistan at Kingston in 1957-58
  7. Quasars
  8. Graham Gooch, 456 runs in the first Test against India at the Lord's in 1990
  9. Divorced men could became priests
  10. Mandal Commission Report
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Monday, October 27, 2014

General Knowledge Questions & Answers - 28-10-2014


  1. In 1990 whom did Time magazine elect as its man of the decade?
  2. Name the 80 - year old artiste who won the Oscar for Best Actress, also state the film for which she won it?
  3. Who was the first Indian to win a gold at the International Mathematics Olympiad?
  4. While compiling which American civil rights leader's papers did Prof. Carson find the doctorate thesis borrowed (plagiarsed)?
  5. To which Nobel Prize winning dissident and author of Gulag Archipelago was Soviet citizenship restored?
  6. Who set a cricket world record of four successive sixes in an over in a Test against England at Lord's in July 1990?
  7. Of which country is kiwi the national bird?
  8. What is the frog's long - jump record?
  9. What type of animal is called inquiline ?
  10. What is the Roman symbol for the number one hundred?


  1.  USSR'S Mikhail Gorbachev
  2. Jessica Tandy in Driving Miss Daisy.
  3. Rina Panigrahi of Mumbai
  4. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr
  5. Aleksandr Solzhenistyn
  6. Kapil Dev. by doing this he also equalled the world test record of scoring maximum runs in a six - ball over.
  7. New Zealand 
  8. 14 feet
  9. An animal that lives in the borrow, nest etc of animal of another species
  10. C

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

General Knowledge Questions With Answers - 25-10-2014


  1. Who won the first cricket one day international between India and Pakistan, played in Dec 1, 1978 at Quetta?
  2.  When and where did sunil Gavaskar make his debut in cricket one day internationals?
  3. In 1990 who became the youngest ever winner of the tennis French open Women's singles title after defeating Steffi Graf?
  4. Name the Chief of the US air force dismissed for disclosing in his press briefings too much of the Pentagon's war plans in the Gulf conflict with Iraq, 1990-91.
  5. According to geologists which mountain range is rising skywards 1 cm or half an inch every year?
  6. Whose triple century made at Lord's in 1990 preceded Brian Lara's record breaking triple century?
  7. Name the filmstar who won an Oscar for his Portrayal of Paul Gaugin in lust for life?
  8. According to the Journal of the American medical Association, which drug taken every other day helps prevent migraines?
  9. The drug ornidyl (released a few years ago) is the first new treatment in 40 years for which African disease?
  10. Who was asked by the Swiss supreme court to return to the Philippines $ 350 million, deposited in Swiss banks by her late husband?


  1. India beat Pakistan by four runs
  2. At the 1975 Prudential Cup, at Heading- ley Leeds v/s England on July 13
  3. Monica seles (at 16 yrs 7 mths) 
  4. Micheal Dugan
  5. The Himalayas
  6. Graham Gooch. he scored 333 runs at Lord's v/s India
  7. Anthony Quinn
  8. Aspirin (325 mg)
  9. Sleeping sickness
  10. Imelda Macros
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

General Knowledge Questions & Answers - 24-10-2014


  1. When and where was the first winter Olympics held?
  2. Which polar animal has a twister tusk that looks like a unicorn's horn?
  3. Name the Himalayan animal whose curved horn length exceeds its body height?
  4. What is the Tasmanian wolf - a rare animal - also known as?
  5. Name the two official languages of South Africa?
  6. Give the meaning of the Latin words quid pro quo?
  7. Mount Everest is called Chomo Lungma in Tibetan. What do these words mean?
  8. Which American Linguist and political radical introduced a new theory of language called transformational generative grammar?
  9. In which country does the river Parnaiba flow?
  10. What is India's lowest ever score in cricket one - day international matches?



  1. In 1924 at Chamonix - mount Blanc, France
  2. The male4 narwhal, a whale
  3. Marco Polo sheep (also known as argali)
  4. Thylacine
  5. Afrikaans and English
  6. One thing for another, or tit for that
  7. Goddess of the wind
  8. Naom Chomsky
  9. Brazil
  10. 63 runs in 28.3 overs v/s Australia at Sydney, 1980-81

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

General Knowledge Questions & Answers - 23-10-2014


  1. Name the family owns the largest privately - owned media empire in the US?
  2. Which bank in Atlenta, USA, funnelled at least $ 3 billion in the form of loans to Iraq, Illegally, for maintaining  Saddam Hussein's war machine?
  3. Which religion did Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones rock group convert to before marrying Texan model Jerry Hall in 1990?
  4. In which event did India win her only gold medal in the 1990 Asian Games held in Beijing?
  5. Name the coach of the Legendary Olympian Athlete Jesse Ownes.
  6. Jesse Ownes in 1936 and Carl Lewis in 1984 each won 3 Olympic golds in identical events. Name these events.
  7. Name the first husband and wife to win a gold medal apiece in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics?
  8. Name the Czech who won the 5000 mtrs, 10,000 mtrs and the marathon in Helsinki Olympics.
  9. What are the two extreme points of Great Britain?
  10. Name the first  woman to win the Olympic gold in 100 mtrs run, in  1928?


  1. The New House family
  2. Banca Nazionale del Lavoro 
  3. Hinduism
  4. Kabaddi
  5. Larry Shyder
  6. 100 mts,  200 mts and long jump
  7. Emil Zatopek and Dana nee Ingrova
  8. Emil Zaptopek
  9. John O'Groats and Land's End
  10. Elizabeth Robinson, USA

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Monday, October 20, 2014

General Knowledge Questions & Answers - 21-10-2014


  1. Which town in Sri Lanka is known as the city of Gems?
  2. Which African republic's coast is notorious as White Man's Grave?
  3. How is the Olympic flame kindled?
  4. How is the Olympic flame brought to the modern Olympic venue?
  5. Which dignitary inaugurated the first modern Olympics?
  6. Which Filmstar won an Oscar for his performance as Prof Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady?
  7. Name the white 'soul' singer whose debut album Affection sold two million copies?
  8. In which year did Leander Paes, aged 17, win the Junior Wimbledon title?
  9. Who was EI Salvador's first freely elected President?
  10. Which Japanese automobile production engineer's just in time method of manufacturing helped make Toyota a giant of the car industry?


  1. Ratnapura
  2. The Guinea coast 
  3. Naturally, with the aid of the rays of the sun 
  4. The Atlar of Hera, wife of Zeus, in the Temple of Zeus in Olympia, Greece
  5. King George I of Greece
  6. Rex Harrison
  7. Lisa Stansfield
  8. 1990
  9. Jose Napolean Duarte
  10. Taichi Ohno
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General Knowledge Questions & Answers - 20-10-2014


  1. Give the common name for the mineral nephrite?
  2. Jabiru is the Brazilian name for which South American bird?
  3. In Which North American state would you find the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, famous for its Volcanic vents?
  4. Which US city is the birthplace of Black civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr?
  5. What is the permanent burrow in which the badger lives called?
  6. What does astrophobia mean?
  7. What does UNICEF stand for?
  8. In 1498 which explorer discovered for the West the sea route to India by rounding the Cape of Good Hope?
  9. Which is the holy book of the Zoroastrians or Parsis?
  10. Which country famous for Adam and Gouda cheese?


  1. Jade
  2. The giant stork
  3. Alaska 
  4. Atlanta
  5. A set 
  6. Fear of celestial space
  7. United Nations Children's Fund (formerly United Nations International Children's  Emergency Fund)
  8. Vasco da Gama of Portugal
  9. Zend Avesta
  10. Holland
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Friday, October 17, 2014

General Knowledge Question And Answer - 18-10-2014


  1. Lupus vulgaris is tuberculosis of which part of the human body?
  2. Which animal did the ancient Romans call tiger horse?
  3. How is yellow phosphorus preserved?
  4. Which Indian bird is as melodious as a nightingale?
  5. Into how many orders or groups have Scientists divided living mammals?
  6. What's the earliest record we have of a New Year's festival?
  7. What is a group of hippopotamuses (or water animal) called?
  8. Name the Egyptian city founded by the Greeks?
  9. Which are the two distinct layers of the skin?
  10. To which country do the Ryukyu Islands belong?


  1. The skin
  2. Zebra 
  3. It is kept under water
  4. The Shama
  5. Nineteen
  6. The earliest record comes from Mesopotamia. This was also the harvest festival. people performed rituals to do away with the past and purify themselves for the new year. The Babylonian year started about the vernal equinox in the month of March. Clay tablets describe the ceremonies that were performed around 2000 BC. The festivities  centered around god Marduk
  7. School
  8. Alexandria
  9. The dermis and epidermis
  10. Japan
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

General Knowledge Question & Answer - 14-10-2014


  1. Which Swedish footballers became famous as the Gre - No -Li trio?
  2. What is a rabbit's day - resting place called?
  3. What anatomical condition is referred to as polydactyly?
  4. What is hydropathy?
  5. Name the southern region of Argentina between the Andes and the Atlantic Ocean?
  6. In Greek legend name the mother of Oedipus who married him not knowing he has her son.
  7. What is the commonest side effect of some commonly used analgesics (pain killers)?
  8. Which Zebras have long hairy ears and bray like donkeys?
  9. What does the instrument pedometer measure?
  10. Who has scored the slowest half century in Test cricket?


  1. Gunnar Gren, Gunnar Nordahl and Nils Liedholm
  2. A form 
  3. Increased number of fingers in one hand
  4. Medical treatment solely by application of water internally and externally
  5. Patagonia
  6. Jocasta
  7. Irritation of stomach producing nausea, Vomiting and bleeding
  8. Grevy's Zebra
  9. The distance a person walks
  10. Mudassar Nazar of Pakistan
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Friday, October 10, 2014

General Knowledge Questions & Answer - 11-10-2014


  1. Which decrease is known as Grave's disease?
  2. Which cricket was nicknamed Electric Heels?
  3. What are ectothermic or poikilothermic animals?
  4. Which Swede footballer earned the title King of the Dribble?
  5. Name the animal that is related to the Zorilla?
  6. Give the exact loaction of the mitral value in the heart?
  7. The word dinosaur comes from two Greek words. what do they mean?
  8. To which country did the ancient Asechylus belong?
  9. What is the name of the Test cricketer ground in Kennigton s. London?
  10. What Job did Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, take up when he completed his university course?


  1. Exophthalamic goitre
  2. Learie Constantine of west Indies.
  3. Cold - blooded animals (That is animals that have no internal mechanism for regulating body temperature, so that it fluctuates with changes in ambient temperatures. Though termed cold - blooded, body temperatures may be maintained at a high level as a result of activity or by behaviour patterns such as basking)
  4. Kurt Hamrin
  5. The Skunk
  6. Between left atrium and left ventricle
  7. Terrible lizzard
  8. Greece
  9. The oval
  10. Teaching deaf children
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

General Knowledge Question & Answer - 10-10-2014


  1. Which animal named Hsing - Hsing was gifted by china to the USA in 1972?
  2. Who is known as job's Comforter?
  3. Palembang is the largest city of which province in Indonesia?
  4. The shell series is the domestic cricket championship of which country?
  5. Which Lake is linked to the Gulf of Finland by River Neva?
  6. Which Swedish footballer was called professore because of his scientific play?
  7. What does the book called pharmacopoeia contain?
  8. Which English bowler has conceded most runs in a Test?
  9. What is Italy's unit of currency?
  10. Which Roman emperor is supposed to have started a fire in AD 64 to make place for his golden palace?


  1. Te giant Panda
  2. A person who increases the misery of the person he pretends to comfort
  3. Sumatra
  4. New Zealand
  5. Lake Ladoga, Europe's largest lake.
  6. Gunnar Gren 
  7. Table of drugs
  8. Ian Botham while playing aginst Pakistan in 1987 conceded 217 runs in 52 overs
  9. Lira
  10. Nero
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Find the age - Problems on Ages Example 1

Rajeev’s Age after 15 years will be 5 times his age 5 years back. What is the present age of Rajeev ?


Solution :

               Let Rajeev’s present age be x years. Then


               Rajeev’s age after 15 years  =  ( x + 15 ) years.


               Rajeev’s age 5 years back = (  x – 5 ) years.


               X + 15 = 5 (  x - 5 )


               X + 15  =  5x  - 25


               4x  = 40


               X = 10


               Hence, Rajeev’s present age  = 10 years


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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Find the number in Hotel Management 2002 Question Paper - Solved Example 2

Find the number such that when 15 is subtracted from 7 times the number, the
result is 10 more than twice the number

This is the Problems on Numbers Question in Hotel Management in 2002.

Solution for the Question :

Let the number be x.

Then 7x-15=2x+10

5x = 25

X = 5 ;

Hence the result of the required number is 5

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Example , Problems on Numbers

General Knowledge Questions and Answer - 09-10-2014:


  1. What is the male organ  of a flowering plant called?
  2. How much fluid enters the digestive tract per day?
  3. What is the function of platelets, the substance found in blood?
  4. According to sports journalists which Brazilian footballers formed the finest inside trio ever seen?
  5. Name the branch of medicine concerned with the health of children?
  6. Name the test cricket grounds at the following England centres :           1) Bridgetown   2) Georgetown   3) Dunedin   4) Nottingham  5) Manchester
  7. "A person often meets his destiny on the road he takes in a way to avoid it." To Which country does this proverb belong?
  8. Which tree is referred to as weeping wood or cahuchu by American Indians?
  9. Is the African Zorilla as big as a gorilla?
  10. What term describes the study of diseases of bones and joints?


  1. Stamen
  2. 8-9 litres per day
  3. It helps to stop bleeding
  4. Jair, Zizinho and Ademir
  5. Paediatrics
  6. 1) Kingstone Oval  2) Bourda  Oval  3) Carisbook  4) Trent Bridge  5) Old Trafford
  7. France
  8. The rubber tree.
  9. No. Its length is only 14 inches (It is a mammal that superficially resembles the skunk. It is also known as striped polecat)
  10. Orthopaedics
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Find the Number - Solved problems Example 1

In This section Question involving a set of numbers are put in the form of a puzzle. You have to analyze the given conditions , assume the unknown numbers and for the equations accordingly, which on solving yield the unknown numbers.


Question : A Number is as much greater than 36 as is less than 86. Find the Number ?


Solution :

Let the Number be x.


Then x – 36 =86 – x


2x = 86 + 36


2x = 122


X = 61


Hence , the required number is 61.



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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Knowledge Questions & Answers - 08-10-2014


  1. What is the bissextile year more popular as?
  2. What is a female sheep called?
  3. Which is the only neighbouring country of Monaco?
  4. The word abbot (a monk who heads a monastery) comes from the Aramaic abba. What does abba mean?
  5. Which famous volcano is known as the Bonfire of Europe?
  6. Which country was formerly known as South West Africa?
  7. What is the chemical name of epsom salt?
  8. Name the largest river of France?
  9. Which is the largest satellite in our solar?
  10. Who shot dead John Lennon, rock singer, song writer, guitarist and founder member of the Beatles, in 1980?



  1. Leap year
  2. Ewe
  3. France
  4. Father
  5. Mount Etna
  6. Namibia
  7. Manganese Sulphate
  8. River Loire
  9. Jupiter's Ganymede
  10. Mark Chapman
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General Knowledge Questions & Answers - 07-09-2014


  1. Who has the best bowling average in cricket at the test level? (Minimum 100 wickets)
  2. The Ahaggar (9852 ft ) and the Tibesti (11204 ft) mountains are the only two mountains of which desert?
  3. Of which language was Homer a great poet?
  4. In which country is the Anal sea?
  5. The world Schizophrenia comes from Greek words. What does it mean literally?
  6. What was Mussolini before he became the Italian dictator?
  7. For what is a Geiger counter used?
  8. What is nyctalopia?
  9. Which mountain range did Henry Stanley discover?
  10. Which Zodiac sign does the fish depict?


  1. England's G.A. Lohmann: 10.75- 112 wickets for 1205 runs.
  2. Sahara
  3. Greek
  4. Russia
  5. Divided or split mind
  6. Teacher and journalist
  7. For measuring radioactivity
  8. Night blindness
  9. The Mountains of the Moon (the Ruwenzori mountain range on the frontier of Zaire and Uganda)
  10. Pisces
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Monday, October 6, 2014

General Knowledge Question & Answer


  1. Can the spray of a skunk cause permanent damage?
  2. What is Alopecia?
  3. Which Indian cricketer authored some Indian Cricketers?
  4. In Which part of the skin lie the blood vessels?
  5. What codename was given to the MIG - 29 fighter plane of Russia by NATO?
  6. What term is given to a person who belives in the existence of god?
  7. In terms of duration, Who has had the longest cricketer Test career?
  8. Which is the vaccine given to all pregnant mothers?
  9. Does the solenodan, A mammal, have a trunk a snout or a hole?
  10. Affenpinscher is shaggy black dog. The name comes from German. What does it mean?



  1. No, it only stings the eyes
  2. Loss of hair
  3. Rusi Modi
  4. the dermis
  5. Fulcrum
  6. Theist
  7. England's Wilfred Rhodes; from June 1, 1899 to April 10, 1930
  8. Tetanus vaccine
  9. A snout
  10. Monkey tereier
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Friday, October 3, 2014

General Knowledge Questions & Answers - 04-10-2014


  1. Why does the squirrel sometimes dine upside down on a tree?
  2. Green colour is due to the presence of chromium oxide in which gemstone?
  3. What is the study of stars called?
  4. Which North American mammal is called skunk bear?
  5. Which is the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula?
  6. Which cricketer was called Father?
  7. How is appetite regulated in humans and which part of the brain is involved?
  8. name the three main groups of  squirrels?
  9. Copper is alloyed with which metal to form brass?
  10. What is scientific study of the soil called?


  1. Because this position leaves its forepaws free to hold food.
  2. The emerald.
  3. Astronomy.
  4. The Wolverine
  5. Tagus
  6. C.S. Marrioft of England.
  7. Regulated by feeding and satiety centers in the hypothalamus.
  8. Ground, tree and flying squirrels.
  9. Zinc.
  10. Pedology (Green pedon = ground).
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

General knowledge Question & Answer - 02-10-2014


  1. Pushtuis the official language of  which southwest Asian country?
  2. Name the Pakistani Prime minister to be assassinated in 1951?
  3. What is the medical term for the common wart?
  4. In physics what unit is used in measuring electrical resistance?
  5. The most famous Chinese martial art is Kung fu. What does it mean?
  6. Name the German Foreign Minister during Hitler's regime, Who was convicted as a war criminal and hanged in 1946?
  7. What is megalomania?
  8. What is the name given to the art movement in which forms and imagery give full play to the imagination and the subconscious?
  9. Who was the most successful Australian bowler in the world's second Tied Test at madras in September 1986?
  10. What's the etymology of the world fanatic?



  1. Afghanistan.
  2. Liaquat Ali khan.
  3. Verruca Vulgaris.
  4. Ohm.
  5. Skill or ability (derived from Mandarin Chuan fa).
  6. Joachim von Ribbentrop.
  7. Form of insanity marked by delusions of grandeur.
  8. Surrealism.
  9. Greg Mathews.
  10. It is derived from the latin word fanum i.e. temple. literally, one who is possessed of the enthusiasm or madness of the temple engendered by over - indul-gence in religious rites.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

General Knowledge Question and Answer - 24-09-2014


  1. What is Odaynophagia?
  2. At what speed can a sloth run?
  3. Which political leader became Known as the Gandhi of America?
  4. Derived from Spanish, Juntia is used to describe a revolutionary government. What does Juntia literally mean?
  5. Which is the biggest shark? This largest of all fishes doesn't attack human beings.
  6. What poem written in praise of someone or something known as?
  7. Diet is Japan's parliament. What is its upper chamber called?
  8. Which echinoderm (marine invertebrate) can regenerate and develop into complete new individual from a single disjointed arm?
  9. Why is it supposed to be easier to Swim in sea water than in rivers?
  10. What is a male sheep called?



  1. Painful Swallowing.
  2. It cannot run at all. it crawls at less than one mile an hour.
  3. martin Luther King, Jr.
  4. Council.
  5. Whale shark.
  6. An ode.
  7. House of peers.
  8. Starfish.
  9. Because density of sea water is higher than river water staying afloat in it is that much easier.
  10. Ram.
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

General Knowledge Questions & Answer - 22-09-2014


  1. In Chittagong, Bangladesh, What are turtles fed with by devotees?
  2. In which part of the body does the stunk produce its foul - smelling spray?
  3. What are components of high molecular weight called?
  4. Medically speaking, what is CTR?
  5. Which philosopher defined man as a two - legged animal without feathers?
  6. Which English footballer has a career record of scoring 49 goals?
  7. What is fresco painting?
  8. What is a small independent state between two hostile larger ones, thought to lessen the chances of war between them, called?
  9. Which revolution of 1688 is given the name of bloodless (or) Glorious Revolution?
  10. Name the player who brought out an aluminum bat in a cricket Test match.


  1. Raw cow's lung.
  2. Under its tail.
  3. Polymers.
  4. Cardio pulmonary resuscitation, for sudden collapse.
  5. Plato.  
  6. Boddy Charlton.
  7. Technique of applying paint onto damp freshly laid plaster.
  8. A buffer state.
  9. The English Revolution (Name given to the events of 1688 - 89 during which James 11, unpopular convert to Catholicism, fled from England and William 111 and Mary 11 were established by parliament as joint monarchs. The title celebrates the bloodlessness of the event and the assertion of the constitutional importance of parliament).
  10. Dennis Lillee of Australia.
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Friday, September 19, 2014

General Knowledge Questions & Answers


  1. Name the female singer who took religion to the top of the pop scene?
  2. The following is the opening lines of which novel? It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife?
  3. Who captained England in three football world cups?
  4. The English words canyon, patio and rodeo  are borrowed from which European language?
  5. In which country was Germany's Adolf Hitler born?
  6. Which tiny country is completely bounded by south Africa?
  7. Who were the rival captains in Srilanka's inaugural cricket test match?
  8. Name the first European to invade India?
  9. Laos is a republic in SE Asia. What are the two major languages of Laos?
  10. What is the study of weather and climate called?


  1. Lena Martel with her number One Day at a Time
  2. Jane Austen's pride and prejudice
  3. Billy Wright (1950, 54 & 58)
  4. Spanish
  5. Austria
  6. Lesotho
  7. Bandula Warnapura for Sri lanka and Keith Fletcher for England
  8. Alexander the great of Macedonia Greece
  9. Laotian and French
  10. Meteorology
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

General Knowledge Question & Answer - 19-09-2014


  1. In which Middle East country were golden hamsters first discovered in the world?
  2. Which England Test Cricketer was a psychotherapist?
  3. Which animal looks like it has a black coat with a white blanket flung over it?
  4. How many characters are there in Tolstoy's War and place?
  5. Name the two renowned ballet theaters of Russia?
  6. Name the first spaghetti western i.e. a cowboy film made by Italian director in Europe?
  7. Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. What did his father invent?
  8. The Cameroons have been colonial territories of which countries?
  9. What was unique about the 1927 film The Jazz Singer?
  10. Who won the 5,000 and 10,000 meters as well as the marathon in the same Olympics? 


  1. Syria.
  2. Mike Brearley.
  3. The Malay tapir.
  4. More than 500.
  5. The Bolshoi and the Kirov.
  6. A fistful of dollars.
  7. Plywood.
  8. Germany, Britain, France.
  9. It was the first full - length talking picture.
  10. Email Zatopek.
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Monday, September 15, 2014

General Knowledge Question & Answer - 16-09-2014


  1. The highly poisonous Russell's viper is native to which part of the world?
  2. To which British Island in the south Atlantic was Napoleon exiled on June 18, 1815?
  3. Which mammal delivers more young in one litter than any other?
  4. What is said to be theoretically produced during nuclear reactions when the positive charges for protons and the negative charges for electrons are reversed?
  5. What are the parts of the large intestine?
  6. How many US presidents have been assassinated?
  7. Which bird family does the jay belong to?
  8. Name the republic of the former USSR where people are known to live to an extraordinary age?
  9. What trophy is at stake in a cricket test series between England and the West indies?
  10. What is the young one of a goose known as?


  1. Indian Subcontient.
  2. St Helena.
  3. The tailless hedgehog or tenrec of Madagascar (about 25 in one litter).
  4. Anti matter
  5. Ascending, transverse and descending colon, rectum.
  6. Four
  7. The crew. 
  8. Georgia.
  9. The Wisden Trophy.
  10. Gosling.
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

General Knowledge Question & Answer - 12-09-2014


  1. The disease pneumonia refers to inflammation of which part of the body?
  2. What is the principal monetary unit of Romania?
  3. What is the study of punishment of crime and of prison management called?
  4. What is aerographics  the study?
  5. which planet did French astronomer Urbain Jean Leverrier help discover?
  6. In which Italian city was Mussolini's body hung up publicly by partisans?
  7. What is Perimetry?
  8. Which Hungarian king is also regarded as the apostle of Hungary?
  9. Which central and South America tree - dwelling anteater  has a long prehensile tail?
  10. Where did Japan sign the peace Treaty With 48 countries in 1951

  1. The lungs
  2. Leu
  3. Penology
  4. Atmospheric conditions
  5. Neptune. It was discovered in 1846 by Johann Galle within 1 deg of the position predicted and sent to him by Leverrier. L. based his surmise on the observed irregularities in the motion of the Urauns (John Couch Adams too is credited with the same prediction arrived at independently)
  6. Milan
  7. Determination of the visual field
  8. King Stephen
  9. The Tamandua
  10. San Francisco.
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Monday, September 8, 2014

General Knowledge Questions & Answers - 09-09-2014


  1. What does the Latin phrase non composmentis mean?
  2. What is an animal having eight limbs called?
  3. In which ancient country were cats wor - shipped?
  4. In biological terms what is rust?
  5. Which was Napoleon 's most brilliant victory in 1805 against Austria and Russia, sometimes called the battle of the three emperors?
  6. What is the emission of light by an organism called?
  7. Name the world's smallest mammal?
  8. Among cricketers to take 200 test wickets who has the worst bowling average?
  9. April, the fourth month of the year is derived, from a Latin verb. What does 'April' mean?
  10. Which is smallest living bird?
  1. Insane.
  2. Octopad, e.g .octopus.
  3. Egypt.
  4. A disease caused by fungus in wheat plants.
  5. Battle of Austerlitz (fought in Moravia, Czechoslovakia).
  6. Bioluminescence.
  7. The pygmy shrew.
  8. Gary sobers: 235 wickets @ 34.03.
  9. To open; referring to the opening of spring bluds.
  10. The bee hummingbird.
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

General Knowledge Questions & Answer - 05-09-2014


  1.  Name the two chief diets of the squirrel monkey?
  2. In physics, what is a quark?
  3. Which animal is related to the suricate (meerkat)?
  4. What is Dutch Treat?
  5. Which English cricketer authored End of an innings?
  6. What are young ones of insects called?
  7. On how many hills is Rome built?
  8. What does the phrase volte face mean?
  9. What is the Brandenburg Gate?
  10. Which English King was forced to sign the Magna Carta?
  1. Fruits and insects.
  2. A particle that is the basic subunit of neutrons and protons.
  3. The yellow mongoose.
  4. Entertainment at which each person pays his own bill.
  5. Denis Compton.
  6. Maggots or wrigglers.
  7. Twenty. 
  8. Complete reversal of opinion.
  9. A triumphal arch erected in Berlin around 1788. It served as the main gate between East and West Berlin.
  10. King John of England was forced by the rebellious bargons to sign the magna Cartain 1215 (It was designed to prohibit arbitrary royal acts by declaring a body of defined law and custom which the king must respect in dealing with all his free subjects. It was of fundamental importance to the constitutional development of England)

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Monday, September 1, 2014

General Knowledge Question and answers - 01-09-2014


  1. Which principal dramatic character is regarded by most critics as the first truly modern character in English literature?
  2. Name the western arm of the Indian Ocean between Yemen and Somalia?
  3. What is the normal cerebral blood flow per 100 grams per minute in human beings?
  4. What is the similarity between a frog and a tarsier? 
  5. What is called Adam's needle?
  6. Which Indian Test cricketer is called Colonel?
  7. What is a state called when its government is an elected one and it does not have a hereditary governor or figurehead?
  8. what is the name of the alloy combining magnesium and aluminium?
  9. How much potassium is present in the human body?
  10. What does anachronism mean?

  1. Hamlet. Hamlet is said to embody the Paralysing consciousness of the modern man.
  2. The Gulf of Aden.
  3. 50 - 55 ml.
  4. Both use their long, Powerful hind legs to jump.
  5. Yucca, a plant with leaves bearing threadlike fibres.
  6. Dilip Vengsarkar.
  7. A republic.
  8. Magnalium.
  9. 3000 - 3500 mg.
  10. A chronological error.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

General Knowledge Questions and Answer 29-08-2014

General Knowledge Questions and Answer - 29-08-2014
  1. To which country do the Sunda Islands belong?
  2. Where was the largest ever gold - bearing nugget found? 
  3. Josif Vussarionvich  Djugasshvili Russia adopted the name Stalin in 1913. What does it mean?
  4. Name the two countries where sugar gliders (flying squirrels) are found.
  5. In which year did china join FIFA, the international football association?
  6. Where is the gulf of Bothnia?
  7. What is ochlophobia?
  8. Who was declared Man of the Match in the first one-day cricket cup finals in 1975?
  9. Which hormone stimulates lactation i.e. Production of milk?
  10. Which fish lays the largest eggs?
  1. Indonesia.
  2. In hill end, New South Wales, Australia. It weighs 7,560 ounces (214.32 kg.).
  3. Man of steel.
  4. Australia and New Guinea.
  5. 1954.
  6. Between Finland and Sweden.
  7. Fear of crowds.
  8. Clive Lloyd of the West Indies.
  9. Prolactin.
  10. The whale shark.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

General knowledge question and answer-28-08-2014

General knowledge question and answer-28-08-2014
  1. Which Lizard is limbless, smooth-scaled and resembles a snake?
  2. In Hindu Philosophy, what is Maya?
  3. What are the large open treeless grasslands in south Africa called?
  4. To which order of mammals does the tarsier belong?
  5. Which Uruguay world cup footballer had only one hand?
  6. Name the second largest ocean?
  7. Name the most and the least ductile of metals?
  8. Who led England in a cricket Test after skipper Mike Dennis dropped out because of bad batting from during the 1974-75 series in Australia?
  9. What does Rh (factor) in the blood stand for?
  10. Which is the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean?
  1. The slow worm.
  2. Illusion, esp. the material world regarded as deceptive and unreal.
  3. The prairies.
  4. Primate (like monkeys, apes, etc.)
  5. Hector Castro.
  6. Atlantic Ocean.
  7. Most ductile: gold; least ductile: lead.
  8. John Edrich.
  9. Rheus - A substance present by inheritance in the blood of most people but not all. It is called so because it was first noted in the rheus monkey.
  10. The Milwaukee Deep (28,374 ft. below the surface).

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

General Knowledge Question And Answer-27-08-2014

General Knowledge Question And Answer-27-08-2014
  1. Which people invented the symbol for zero?
  2. To Which breed of animals do the Korat, manx and Turkish angora belong?
  3. What danger is entailed by the male spider while courting a female?
  4. Who was captain of Brazil's football team when they won the world cup in 1970?
  5. Which part of the grasshopper is first bitten off by a squirrel?
  6. Name the continent known as the continent of Shepherds?
  7. What is the property possessed by most metals which renders them capable of being stretched without  breaking?
  8. Who holds the record for most runs in first class cricket?
  9. In geometry what is a six-sided,six-angled,two dimensional figure called?
  10. What is Cacosmia?
  1. Indians
  2. Cats
  3. The danger of being eaten up by the bigger female
  4. Alberto Carlos
  5. Its head
  6. Australia
  7. Ductility
  8. Jack Hobbs of England- 61,237 runs
  9. Hexagon
  10. Experiencing a bad Odour

Monday, August 25, 2014

General Knowledge Question and Answer-26-08-2014

General Knowledge Question and Answer-26-08-2014
  1. Which south African black Leader was released in 1989 after 26 years in prison?
  2. What signal does a flag relay when it is flown upside down?
  3. Why is the 'Spectacled bear' of south America so named?
  4. What was the population of the entire Mongol nation that conquered all of northern Asia and china in the thirteenth century?
  5. How far can a skunk spray its bitter smiling mist?
  6. What is the Asian part of Turkey known as?
  7. What are mermaids purses found on the beach?
  8. Which nuclear disaster took place in 1986 in the erstwhile USSR?
  9. Which compound's name originated from a gum taken from plants growing near the temple of ammon ?
  10. Which City of water is built on thirteen islands?
  1. Nelson Mandela.
  2. Distress signal.
  3. It has Whitish circles around the eyes.
  4. About one million people.
  5.  Ten Feet.
  6. Anatolia or Asia Minor.
  7. Egg cases of dogfish.
  8. The Chernobyl Disaster.
  9. Ammonia (Greek ammoniakon).
  10. Stockholm. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Largest pepper produced country.

Which state is the largest produced in pepper in India?
A)  Tamilnadu
B)  Kerala
C)  Andamaan
D)  Karnataka

Largest country in world- Russia

The world 1/4 % fill in the water. That world is includes 173 countries. that 173 countries in biggest country is Russia. Russia is includes 143,800,000  peoples  and that area of 1,70,75,200sq. km. And 11.5% of land occupyied the Russia.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Indian IAS IPS Booster's note

Indian IAS IPS Booster's note: AUGUST 16th & 17th NEWS.
AUGUST 16th & 17th NEWS

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15th August, said he would scrap the 64-year-old Planning Commission and replace it with a new institution to address India'

Monday, July 21, 2014

General knowledge Question 22-07-2014

1.Which metal is heavier , silver or gold ?


2.How many legs do butterflies have ?


3.Which is the country with the most people ?


4.Which state is the biggest in the US ?


5.Which country has the largest area of land ?



Answer :

1.      Gold

2.      Six

3.      China

4.      Alaska

5.      Russia

Monday, July 14, 2014

sun outer temperature

What is the outer temperature of the sun?


A)      5000 degree Celsius


B)     6000 degree Celsius



C)     6500 degree Celsius


D)      None of the above


Ans:  b) 6000 degree celsius

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Railway booking Agents General Knowledge Bank PO Question

The Railways has announced the abolition of the railway booking agents system after the introduction of


A.     Reservation on Mobile

B.     Reservation on Internet

C.     Reservation through Credit Card

D.     Reservation on ATM Card

E.      None of these



Answer : A. Reservation on Mobile

Bank PO Exam General Awareness Question 1

Bank PO Exam General Awareness Question 1


Which of the following are the existing crop insurance schemes in India ?


A ) Rashtriya Utpad Bima Yojana


B ) Rashtriya Phasal Samriddhi Yojana


C ) National Insurance for Agriculture


D ) National Agricultural Insurance Scheme


1)      Only A, B and C

2)      Only C,D and E

3)      Only B,C and D

4)      Only D and E

5)      All the above



Answer : 4) Only D and  E


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

General Knowledge Question and Answer 1


General Knowledge Question and Answer 1


1 )  What is the frequency of “ World Book Fair “ held in New Delhi ?


A)     Twice in a Year

B)     Once in two Years

C)     Every Year

D)     Every four months


2 ) Which of these countries is the highest consumer of “ Coke “ ?


A)     Japan

B)     U.S.A

C)     Argentina

D)     Kenya


3)  Which of these people spending the most on pharmaceuticals ?


               A)  Americans

               B)  French

               C)  Germans

               D)  Japanese


4)  Which of these is the most popular and most common snack in U.S.A ?


               A) Guacamole

               B) Potato Chips

               C) Tortilla Chips

               D) Popcorn


5)  Which of these is the most populated state in U.S.A ?


               A) New York

               B) Texas

               C) California

               D) Washington



Answers :  1  )  B                  2 )   B                 3) C           4)   A          5) C