Thursday, September 11, 2014

General Knowledge Question & Answer - 12-09-2014


  1. The disease pneumonia refers to inflammation of which part of the body?
  2. What is the principal monetary unit of Romania?
  3. What is the study of punishment of crime and of prison management called?
  4. What is aerographics  the study?
  5. which planet did French astronomer Urbain Jean Leverrier help discover?
  6. In which Italian city was Mussolini's body hung up publicly by partisans?
  7. What is Perimetry?
  8. Which Hungarian king is also regarded as the apostle of Hungary?
  9. Which central and South America tree - dwelling anteater  has a long prehensile tail?
  10. Where did Japan sign the peace Treaty With 48 countries in 1951

  1. The lungs
  2. Leu
  3. Penology
  4. Atmospheric conditions
  5. Neptune. It was discovered in 1846 by Johann Galle within 1 deg of the position predicted and sent to him by Leverrier. L. based his surmise on the observed irregularities in the motion of the Urauns (John Couch Adams too is credited with the same prediction arrived at independently)
  6. Milan
  7. Determination of the visual field
  8. King Stephen
  9. The Tamandua
  10. San Francisco.
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