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General Knowledge Questions & Answers - 28-10-2014


  1. In 1990 whom did Time magazine elect as its man of the decade?
  2. Name the 80 - year old artiste who won the Oscar for Best Actress, also state the film for which she won it?
  3. Who was the first Indian to win a gold at the International Mathematics Olympiad?
  4. While compiling which American civil rights leader's papers did Prof. Carson find the doctorate thesis borrowed (plagiarsed)?
  5. To which Nobel Prize winning dissident and author of Gulag Archipelago was Soviet citizenship restored?
  6. Who set a cricket world record of four successive sixes in an over in a Test against England at Lord's in July 1990?
  7. Of which country is kiwi the national bird?
  8. What is the frog's long - jump record?
  9. What type of animal is called inquiline ?
  10. What is the Roman symbol for the number one hundred?


  1.  USSR'S Mikhail Gorbachev
  2. Jessica Tandy in Driving Miss Daisy.
  3. Rina Panigrahi of Mumbai
  4. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr
  5. Aleksandr Solzhenistyn
  6. Kapil Dev. by doing this he also equalled the world test record of scoring maximum runs in a six - ball over.
  7. New Zealand 
  8. 14 feet
  9. An animal that lives in the borrow, nest etc of animal of another species
  10. C

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