Thursday, October 30, 2014

General Knowledge Question with Answer - 30-10-2014


  1. Name the World's longest serving prime minister of a nation?
  2. Name the Jazzman  and master of the rollicking piano style known as stride?
  3. Who is the youngest lawn tennis player to win the US open?
  4. For which of his films did hollywood director Milos Forman win an Oscar?
  5. What does the term film noire mean?
  6. What was Laurel and Hardy's last film together?
  7. In 1969 Barbara Streisand was awarded the Oscar for her first film funny girl in a tie - win with which other actress?
  8. Who became the first Black elected Governor  of an American state in 1989?
  9. Who was the first Black to be appointed Ambassador of the USA?
  10. Who was the highest ranking Black officer in the history of the US military?


  1. Lee Kuan yew. He was  PM of Singapore for 31 years until he stopped down in 1990
  2. Joe Turner
  3. Pete Sampras of the US -19 years
  4. One flew over the cuckoo's Nest
  5. This French Phrase is used to describe films which are sombre in mood, often portraying underworld corruption and crime are frequently through not invariably set in shadowy city streets and are peopled by characters notable for their cynical and disillusioned outlook on life
  6. Atoll K (Also shown as Robinson Crusoeland and Utopia) . This film made in France in 1953, was a flop.
  7. Katherine Helpburn, who collected her Oscar for The lion in winter
  8. Douglas Wilder. Elected Governor of  Virgina a southern state with a Black minority.
  9. Andrew young. He was US ambassador to the UN
  10. General Collin Powell. He was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff
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