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General Knowledge Question & Answer - 03-11-2014


  1. State the two worst disasters in Maharashtra state after the Koyna earthquake?
  2. For which pop song did Tracy Chapman win three Grammy's in 1989?
  3. Who first referred to the English as a nation of shopkeepers?
  4. In Which film did Shabana Azmi co - star with Shirley Mclaine ?
  5. Apart from the massacre of students agitating for democracy what is the significance of the Tiananmen Square in Beijing city?
  6. What record is held by Malayalam film actor Prem Nazir?
  7. What is America's highest civilian award?
  8. Which Indian won the $ 1.2 million Jacob K. Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award for his research on neurological disorders, in 1989?
  9. Against which country did Sachin Tendulkar make his cricketing debut for India, aged 16?
  10. Name the pilot and co - pilot of the first all - women flight crew of the Indian Airlines?


  1. The Sept 30, 1993 Latur earthquake in Which 30,000 are believed to have died. Then comes the floods of 1989 that left 895 dead and damaged property worth 150 crores
  2. Fast Cars.
  3. Napoleon  Bonaparte
  4. Schesinger's Madame Sousatka
  5. It is the largest city square in the world
  6. He has acted as the hero in more films than anyone else in the world.
  7. Medal of freedom
  8. Subhash Chandra Basu..
  9. Pakistan
  10. Saudamini Deshmukh and Nivedita Bhasin.
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Which country is not an Africa ? general knowledge question

Which country is not an Africa ?


A ) Zanzibar


B ) Ghana


C ) Trinidad


D ) Sudan


Please tell the answer in comment


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Answer :  C ) Trinidad