Wednesday, October 8, 2014

General Knowledge Questions and Answer - 09-10-2014:


  1. What is the male organ  of a flowering plant called?
  2. How much fluid enters the digestive tract per day?
  3. What is the function of platelets, the substance found in blood?
  4. According to sports journalists which Brazilian footballers formed the finest inside trio ever seen?
  5. Name the branch of medicine concerned with the health of children?
  6. Name the test cricket grounds at the following England centres :           1) Bridgetown   2) Georgetown   3) Dunedin   4) Nottingham  5) Manchester
  7. "A person often meets his destiny on the road he takes in a way to avoid it." To Which country does this proverb belong?
  8. Which tree is referred to as weeping wood or cahuchu by American Indians?
  9. Is the African Zorilla as big as a gorilla?
  10. What term describes the study of diseases of bones and joints?


  1. Stamen
  2. 8-9 litres per day
  3. It helps to stop bleeding
  4. Jair, Zizinho and Ademir
  5. Paediatrics
  6. 1) Kingstone Oval  2) Bourda  Oval  3) Carisbook  4) Trent Bridge  5) Old Trafford
  7. France
  8. The rubber tree.
  9. No. Its length is only 14 inches (It is a mammal that superficially resembles the skunk. It is also known as striped polecat)
  10. Orthopaedics
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