Friday, October 10, 2014

General Knowledge Questions & Answer - 11-10-2014


  1. Which decrease is known as Grave's disease?
  2. Which cricket was nicknamed Electric Heels?
  3. What are ectothermic or poikilothermic animals?
  4. Which Swede footballer earned the title King of the Dribble?
  5. Name the animal that is related to the Zorilla?
  6. Give the exact loaction of the mitral value in the heart?
  7. The word dinosaur comes from two Greek words. what do they mean?
  8. To which country did the ancient Asechylus belong?
  9. What is the name of the Test cricketer ground in Kennigton s. London?
  10. What Job did Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, take up when he completed his university course?


  1. Exophthalamic goitre
  2. Learie Constantine of west Indies.
  3. Cold - blooded animals (That is animals that have no internal mechanism for regulating body temperature, so that it fluctuates with changes in ambient temperatures. Though termed cold - blooded, body temperatures may be maintained at a high level as a result of activity or by behaviour patterns such as basking)
  4. Kurt Hamrin
  5. The Skunk
  6. Between left atrium and left ventricle
  7. Terrible lizzard
  8. Greece
  9. The oval
  10. Teaching deaf children
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