Monday, September 1, 2014

General Knowledge Question and answers - 01-09-2014


  1. Which principal dramatic character is regarded by most critics as the first truly modern character in English literature?
  2. Name the western arm of the Indian Ocean between Yemen and Somalia?
  3. What is the normal cerebral blood flow per 100 grams per minute in human beings?
  4. What is the similarity between a frog and a tarsier? 
  5. What is called Adam's needle?
  6. Which Indian Test cricketer is called Colonel?
  7. What is a state called when its government is an elected one and it does not have a hereditary governor or figurehead?
  8. what is the name of the alloy combining magnesium and aluminium?
  9. How much potassium is present in the human body?
  10. What does anachronism mean?

  1. Hamlet. Hamlet is said to embody the Paralysing consciousness of the modern man.
  2. The Gulf of Aden.
  3. 50 - 55 ml.
  4. Both use their long, Powerful hind legs to jump.
  5. Yucca, a plant with leaves bearing threadlike fibres.
  6. Dilip Vengsarkar.
  7. A republic.
  8. Magnalium.
  9. 3000 - 3500 mg.
  10. A chronological error.

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