Saturday, October 25, 2014

General Knowledge Questions With Answers - 25-10-2014


  1. Who won the first cricket one day international between India and Pakistan, played in Dec 1, 1978 at Quetta?
  2.  When and where did sunil Gavaskar make his debut in cricket one day internationals?
  3. In 1990 who became the youngest ever winner of the tennis French open Women's singles title after defeating Steffi Graf?
  4. Name the Chief of the US air force dismissed for disclosing in his press briefings too much of the Pentagon's war plans in the Gulf conflict with Iraq, 1990-91.
  5. According to geologists which mountain range is rising skywards 1 cm or half an inch every year?
  6. Whose triple century made at Lord's in 1990 preceded Brian Lara's record breaking triple century?
  7. Name the filmstar who won an Oscar for his Portrayal of Paul Gaugin in lust for life?
  8. According to the Journal of the American medical Association, which drug taken every other day helps prevent migraines?
  9. The drug ornidyl (released a few years ago) is the first new treatment in 40 years for which African disease?
  10. Who was asked by the Swiss supreme court to return to the Philippines $ 350 million, deposited in Swiss banks by her late husband?


  1. India beat Pakistan by four runs
  2. At the 1975 Prudential Cup, at Heading- ley Leeds v/s England on July 13
  3. Monica seles (at 16 yrs 7 mths) 
  4. Micheal Dugan
  5. The Himalayas
  6. Graham Gooch. he scored 333 runs at Lord's v/s India
  7. Anthony Quinn
  8. Aspirin (325 mg)
  9. Sleeping sickness
  10. Imelda Macros
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