Tuesday, August 26, 2014

General Knowledge Question And Answer-27-08-2014

General Knowledge Question And Answer-27-08-2014
  1. Which people invented the symbol for zero?
  2. To Which breed of animals do the Korat, manx and Turkish angora belong?
  3. What danger is entailed by the male spider while courting a female?
  4. Who was captain of Brazil's football team when they won the world cup in 1970?
  5. Which part of the grasshopper is first bitten off by a squirrel?
  6. Name the continent known as the continent of Shepherds?
  7. What is the property possessed by most metals which renders them capable of being stretched without  breaking?
  8. Who holds the record for most runs in first class cricket?
  9. In geometry what is a six-sided,six-angled,two dimensional figure called?
  10. What is Cacosmia?
  1. Indians
  2. Cats
  3. The danger of being eaten up by the bigger female
  4. Alberto Carlos
  5. Its head
  6. Australia
  7. Ductility
  8. Jack Hobbs of England- 61,237 runs
  9. Hexagon
  10. Experiencing a bad Odour

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