Wednesday, August 27, 2014

General knowledge question and answer-28-08-2014

General knowledge question and answer-28-08-2014
  1. Which Lizard is limbless, smooth-scaled and resembles a snake?
  2. In Hindu Philosophy, what is Maya?
  3. What are the large open treeless grasslands in south Africa called?
  4. To which order of mammals does the tarsier belong?
  5. Which Uruguay world cup footballer had only one hand?
  6. Name the second largest ocean?
  7. Name the most and the least ductile of metals?
  8. Who led England in a cricket Test after skipper Mike Dennis dropped out because of bad batting from during the 1974-75 series in Australia?
  9. What does Rh (factor) in the blood stand for?
  10. Which is the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean?
  1. The slow worm.
  2. Illusion, esp. the material world regarded as deceptive and unreal.
  3. The prairies.
  4. Primate (like monkeys, apes, etc.)
  5. Hector Castro.
  6. Atlantic Ocean.
  7. Most ductile: gold; least ductile: lead.
  8. John Edrich.
  9. Rheus - A substance present by inheritance in the blood of most people but not all. It is called so because it was first noted in the rheus monkey.
  10. The Milwaukee Deep (28,374 ft. below the surface).

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