Thursday, August 28, 2014

General Knowledge Questions and Answer 29-08-2014

General Knowledge Questions and Answer - 29-08-2014
  1. To which country do the Sunda Islands belong?
  2. Where was the largest ever gold - bearing nugget found? 
  3. Josif Vussarionvich  Djugasshvili Russia adopted the name Stalin in 1913. What does it mean?
  4. Name the two countries where sugar gliders (flying squirrels) are found.
  5. In which year did china join FIFA, the international football association?
  6. Where is the gulf of Bothnia?
  7. What is ochlophobia?
  8. Who was declared Man of the Match in the first one-day cricket cup finals in 1975?
  9. Which hormone stimulates lactation i.e. Production of milk?
  10. Which fish lays the largest eggs?
  1. Indonesia.
  2. In hill end, New South Wales, Australia. It weighs 7,560 ounces (214.32 kg.).
  3. Man of steel.
  4. Australia and New Guinea.
  5. 1954.
  6. Between Finland and Sweden.
  7. Fear of crowds.
  8. Clive Lloyd of the West Indies.
  9. Prolactin.
  10. The whale shark.

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