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General Knowledge Questions & Answer - 22-09-2014


  1. In Chittagong, Bangladesh, What are turtles fed with by devotees?
  2. In which part of the body does the stunk produce its foul - smelling spray?
  3. What are components of high molecular weight called?
  4. Medically speaking, what is CTR?
  5. Which philosopher defined man as a two - legged animal without feathers?
  6. Which English footballer has a career record of scoring 49 goals?
  7. What is fresco painting?
  8. What is a small independent state between two hostile larger ones, thought to lessen the chances of war between them, called?
  9. Which revolution of 1688 is given the name of bloodless (or) Glorious Revolution?
  10. Name the player who brought out an aluminum bat in a cricket Test match.


  1. Raw cow's lung.
  2. Under its tail.
  3. Polymers.
  4. Cardio pulmonary resuscitation, for sudden collapse.
  5. Plato.  
  6. Boddy Charlton.
  7. Technique of applying paint onto damp freshly laid plaster.
  8. A buffer state.
  9. The English Revolution (Name given to the events of 1688 - 89 during which James 11, unpopular convert to Catholicism, fled from England and William 111 and Mary 11 were established by parliament as joint monarchs. The title celebrates the bloodlessness of the event and the assertion of the constitutional importance of parliament).
  10. Dennis Lillee of Australia.
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