Wednesday, September 24, 2014

General Knowledge Question and Answer - 24-09-2014


  1. What is Odaynophagia?
  2. At what speed can a sloth run?
  3. Which political leader became Known as the Gandhi of America?
  4. Derived from Spanish, Juntia is used to describe a revolutionary government. What does Juntia literally mean?
  5. Which is the biggest shark? This largest of all fishes doesn't attack human beings.
  6. What poem written in praise of someone or something known as?
  7. Diet is Japan's parliament. What is its upper chamber called?
  8. Which echinoderm (marine invertebrate) can regenerate and develop into complete new individual from a single disjointed arm?
  9. Why is it supposed to be easier to Swim in sea water than in rivers?
  10. What is a male sheep called?



  1. Painful Swallowing.
  2. It cannot run at all. it crawls at less than one mile an hour.
  3. martin Luther King, Jr.
  4. Council.
  5. Whale shark.
  6. An ode.
  7. House of peers.
  8. Starfish.
  9. Because density of sea water is higher than river water staying afloat in it is that much easier.
  10. Ram.
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