Thursday, September 18, 2014

General Knowledge Question & Answer - 19-09-2014


  1. In which Middle East country were golden hamsters first discovered in the world?
  2. Which England Test Cricketer was a psychotherapist?
  3. Which animal looks like it has a black coat with a white blanket flung over it?
  4. How many characters are there in Tolstoy's War and place?
  5. Name the two renowned ballet theaters of Russia?
  6. Name the first spaghetti western i.e. a cowboy film made by Italian director in Europe?
  7. Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. What did his father invent?
  8. The Cameroons have been colonial territories of which countries?
  9. What was unique about the 1927 film The Jazz Singer?
  10. Who won the 5,000 and 10,000 meters as well as the marathon in the same Olympics? 


  1. Syria.
  2. Mike Brearley.
  3. The Malay tapir.
  4. More than 500.
  5. The Bolshoi and the Kirov.
  6. A fistful of dollars.
  7. Plywood.
  8. Germany, Britain, France.
  9. It was the first full - length talking picture.
  10. Email Zatopek.
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