Thursday, September 4, 2014

General Knowledge Questions & Answer - 05-09-2014


  1.  Name the two chief diets of the squirrel monkey?
  2. In physics, what is a quark?
  3. Which animal is related to the suricate (meerkat)?
  4. What is Dutch Treat?
  5. Which English cricketer authored End of an innings?
  6. What are young ones of insects called?
  7. On how many hills is Rome built?
  8. What does the phrase volte face mean?
  9. What is the Brandenburg Gate?
  10. Which English King was forced to sign the Magna Carta?
  1. Fruits and insects.
  2. A particle that is the basic subunit of neutrons and protons.
  3. The yellow mongoose.
  4. Entertainment at which each person pays his own bill.
  5. Denis Compton.
  6. Maggots or wrigglers.
  7. Twenty. 
  8. Complete reversal of opinion.
  9. A triumphal arch erected in Berlin around 1788. It served as the main gate between East and West Berlin.
  10. King John of England was forced by the rebellious bargons to sign the magna Cartain 1215 (It was designed to prohibit arbitrary royal acts by declaring a body of defined law and custom which the king must respect in dealing with all his free subjects. It was of fundamental importance to the constitutional development of England)

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