Thursday, October 9, 2014

General Knowledge Question & Answer - 10-10-2014


  1. Which animal named Hsing - Hsing was gifted by china to the USA in 1972?
  2. Who is known as job's Comforter?
  3. Palembang is the largest city of which province in Indonesia?
  4. The shell series is the domestic cricket championship of which country?
  5. Which Lake is linked to the Gulf of Finland by River Neva?
  6. Which Swedish footballer was called professore because of his scientific play?
  7. What does the book called pharmacopoeia contain?
  8. Which English bowler has conceded most runs in a Test?
  9. What is Italy's unit of currency?
  10. Which Roman emperor is supposed to have started a fire in AD 64 to make place for his golden palace?


  1. Te giant Panda
  2. A person who increases the misery of the person he pretends to comfort
  3. Sumatra
  4. New Zealand
  5. Lake Ladoga, Europe's largest lake.
  6. Gunnar Gren 
  7. Table of drugs
  8. Ian Botham while playing aginst Pakistan in 1987 conceded 217 runs in 52 overs
  9. Lira
  10. Nero
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