Thursday, October 23, 2014

General Knowledge Questions & Answers - 24-10-2014


  1. When and where was the first winter Olympics held?
  2. Which polar animal has a twister tusk that looks like a unicorn's horn?
  3. Name the Himalayan animal whose curved horn length exceeds its body height?
  4. What is the Tasmanian wolf - a rare animal - also known as?
  5. Name the two official languages of South Africa?
  6. Give the meaning of the Latin words quid pro quo?
  7. Mount Everest is called Chomo Lungma in Tibetan. What do these words mean?
  8. Which American Linguist and political radical introduced a new theory of language called transformational generative grammar?
  9. In which country does the river Parnaiba flow?
  10. What is India's lowest ever score in cricket one - day international matches?



  1. In 1924 at Chamonix - mount Blanc, France
  2. The male4 narwhal, a whale
  3. Marco Polo sheep (also known as argali)
  4. Thylacine
  5. Afrikaans and English
  6. One thing for another, or tit for that
  7. Goddess of the wind
  8. Naom Chomsky
  9. Brazil
  10. 63 runs in 28.3 overs v/s Australia at Sydney, 1980-81

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