Friday, October 17, 2014

General Knowledge Question And Answer - 18-10-2014


  1. Lupus vulgaris is tuberculosis of which part of the human body?
  2. Which animal did the ancient Romans call tiger horse?
  3. How is yellow phosphorus preserved?
  4. Which Indian bird is as melodious as a nightingale?
  5. Into how many orders or groups have Scientists divided living mammals?
  6. What's the earliest record we have of a New Year's festival?
  7. What is a group of hippopotamuses (or water animal) called?
  8. Name the Egyptian city founded by the Greeks?
  9. Which are the two distinct layers of the skin?
  10. To which country do the Ryukyu Islands belong?


  1. The skin
  2. Zebra 
  3. It is kept under water
  4. The Shama
  5. Nineteen
  6. The earliest record comes from Mesopotamia. This was also the harvest festival. people performed rituals to do away with the past and purify themselves for the new year. The Babylonian year started about the vernal equinox in the month of March. Clay tablets describe the ceremonies that were performed around 2000 BC. The festivities  centered around god Marduk
  7. School
  8. Alexandria
  9. The dermis and epidermis
  10. Japan
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