Monday, October 6, 2014

General Knowledge Question & Answer


  1. Can the spray of a skunk cause permanent damage?
  2. What is Alopecia?
  3. Which Indian cricketer authored some Indian Cricketers?
  4. In Which part of the skin lie the blood vessels?
  5. What codename was given to the MIG - 29 fighter plane of Russia by NATO?
  6. What term is given to a person who belives in the existence of god?
  7. In terms of duration, Who has had the longest cricketer Test career?
  8. Which is the vaccine given to all pregnant mothers?
  9. Does the solenodan, A mammal, have a trunk a snout or a hole?
  10. Affenpinscher is shaggy black dog. The name comes from German. What does it mean?



  1. No, it only stings the eyes
  2. Loss of hair
  3. Rusi Modi
  4. the dermis
  5. Fulcrum
  6. Theist
  7. England's Wilfred Rhodes; from June 1, 1899 to April 10, 1930
  8. Tetanus vaccine
  9. A snout
  10. Monkey tereier
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